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Volume 9, Issue 2
(December 2014)
pp. 53-107


Original Articles

Awareness of oral cancer and precancer among final year medical and dental students of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia
Mohaideen Sitheeque, Zulkifli Ahmad, Rajan Saini
-- Arch Orofac Sci, 9(2): 53-64. (PDF)

Oral and maxillofacial pathologic lesion: retrospective studies on prevalence and sociodemographic features
Nurhayu Ab Rahman
-- Arch Orofac Sci, 9(2): 65-75. (PDF)

The feasibility of Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) in labial segment malocclusion among 8-10 years old
Alizae Marny Mohamed, Wan Fariza Mohd Ariffin, Tanti Irawati Rosli, Alida Mahyuddin
-- Arch Orofac Sci, 9(2): 76-84. (PDF)

A survey on light intensity outputs of QTH, cabled and cordless LED light curing units
Athirah Ab Rahman, Adam Husein, Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed, Dasmawati Mohamad, Wan Zaripah Wan Bakar, Manal Farea, Norhayati Luddin
-- Arch Orofac Sci, 9(2): 85-90. (PDF)

Case Reports

Hamartomatous polyp of the tonsil: a case report
Wan Faiziah Wan Abdul Rahman, Nur Asyilla Che Jalil, Irfan Mohamad, Mohd Khairi Md Daud
-- Arch Orofac Sci, 9(2): 91-95. (PDF)

Oligodontia: challenges in dental rehabilitation
Nur Adilah Ahmad Othman, S. Nagarajan M.P. Sockalingam
-- Arch Orofac Sci, 9(2): 96-100. (PDF)

Intraoral bull horn injury
Rodrigo Licéaga, Ilan Vinitzky
-- Arch Orofac Sci, 9(2): 101-104. (PDF)

Penetrating toothbrush injury in a child: an unusual presentation
M.U. Akhtar, Kamran Ali
-- Arch Orofac Sci, 9(2): 105-107. (PDF)


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