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Volume 9, Issue 1
(June 2014)
pp. 1-51


Original Articles

Pain experience during initial alignment with self-ligating and conventional brackets
Ziyu Piao, Ferdinand M Machibya, Wenwen Deng, Xingfu Bao, Huan Jiang, Min Hu
--Arch Orofac Sci, 9(1): 1-9. (PDF)

Genotoxic evaluation of synthetic hydroxyapatite using mammalian bone marrow chromosome aberration test
Thirumulu Ponnuraj Kannan, Nik Ahmad Shah Nik Lah, Azlina Ahmad, Siti Fatimah Ramli, Narazah Mohd Yusoff, Ab Rani Samsudin
--Arch Orofac Sci, 9(1): 10-16. (PDF)

Medical students’ awareness of orthodontics: a cross sectional study in King Khalid University, Abha, Saudi Arabia
Ibrahim Al Shahrani, Reena Kandyala
--Arch Orofac Sci, 9(1): 17-24. (PDF)

An investigation of inter-examiner reproducibility in recording malocclusion parameters during orthodontic epidemiologic studies
Grace Ang, Jacqueline Maryam Kamaluddin, Wizziyiane Ahmad, Uday Kumar Umesan, Siti Waznah Wahab, Lin Naing
--Arch Orofac Sci, 9(1): 25-33. (PDF)

Shape analysis of the sphenoid bone in Apert syndrome using 3D CT scans
KL McGlaughlin, DJ Netherway, DJ David, PJ Anderson
--Arch Orofac Sci, 9(1): 34-40. (PDF)

Case Reports

Granuloma formation and loss of tooth vitality following the use of bone wax in third molar surgery: report of a case
Rajeswary Raman, Yap Hsiao Fern
--Arch Orofac Sci, 9(1): 41-43. (PDF)

Incidental finding of co-existing life-threatening pathology during facial trauma assessment
Juanna Bahadun, Amal Abou-Hamden, Peter J. Anderson
--Arch Orofac Sci, 9(1): 44-46. (PDF)

Multiple supernumerary teeth in a child with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome: a rare feature
Thavamalar Marimuthoo, S. Nagarajan M.P. Sockalingam
--Arch Orofac Sci, 9(1): 47-51. (PDF)



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