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Volume 1
pp. 1-75


Special Section

Samsudin AR (PDF)

Review Article

Applications of lasers in dentistry: a review

Husein A
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 1-4 (PDF)

Craniofacial computed tomography imaging: a review
Rajion ZA
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 5-8 (PDF)


Medical Statistics

Practical issues in calculating the sample size for prevalence studies
Naing L, Winn T, Rusli BN

--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 9-14 (PDF)


Original Articles

Mitotic index & chromosomal analyses for hydroxyapatite implantation in rabbits

Kannan TP, Quah BB, Azlina A, Samsudin AR
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 15-20 (PDF)

Prevalence of tooth wear among 16-year-old secondary school children
Saerah NB, Ismail NM, Naing L, Ismail AR
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 21-28 (PDF)

Slice filtering for fast craniofacial surface reconstruction
Tan SL, Belaton B, Rajion ZA, Samsudin AR
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 29-35 (PDF)

Effect of delayed light-cured activation on bond-strengths between composites and adhesives
Masudi SM, Padtong EA
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 36-41 (PDF)

Natural features technique for non-contact three dimensional craniofacial anthropometry using stereophotogrammetry
Majid Z, Chong A, Setan H, Ahmad A, Rajion ZA
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 42-50 (PDF)

Prevalence and associated factors of stress in dental healthcare workers of a higher institution of learning in Kelantan
Rusli BN, Edimansyah BA, Naing L
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 51-56 (PDF)

Saliva as a diagnostic tool for assessment of dental caries
Gopinath VK, Arzreanne AR
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 57-59 (PDF)

Dimensional accuracy of the skull models produced by rapid prototyping technology using
stereolithography apparatus
Nizam A, Gopal RN, Naing L, Hakim AB, Samsudin AR
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 60-66 (PDF)

Case Reports

Immediate ITI implant in management of anterior missing tooth: a case report
Husein A
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 67-70 (PDF)

Parotid lymphoepithelial cyst: a case report
Rahman S, Shaari R, Hassan R
--Arch Orofac Sci 2006; 1: 71-75 (PDF)




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