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Volume 6, Issue 2
(December 2011)
pp. 41-88


Original Articles

Dental caries experience and treatment needs in the mixed dentition in North East Malaysia
Mon Mon Tin Oo, Lin Naing, Shani Ann Mani, Abdul Rashid Ismail
--Arch Orofac Sci, 6(2): 41-48. (PDF)

Effects of resin cements on hardness and thickness around titanium post: an intraradicular assessment
Siau Peng Lim, Fazal Reza, Zaihan Ariffin
--Arch Orofac Sci, 6(2): 49-58. (PDF)

Dental caries and oral health behaviour in the Malaysian Territorial Army Personnel
Borhan Jasmin, Nasruddin Jaafar
--Arch Orofac Sci, 6(2): 59-65. (PDF)

Assessment of microleakage of few restorative materials after erosion by acidic solution
Suhaida Sabdi, Wan Zaripah Wan Bakar, Adam Husein
--Arch Orofac Sci, 6(2): 66-72.(PDF)

Case Reports

Multiple impactions in non-syndromic patient: a case report

Nagaveni N.B., Umashankara K.V., Manjunath S.
--Arch Orofac Sci, 6(2): 73-78. (PDF)

Mucopyocele in the oral region: an unusual case
Ajay Telang, Lahari T., James P. Chacko
--Arch Orofac Sci, 6(2): 79-82. (PDF)

Technical Report

Tongue pyogenic granuloma excision by using ultrasonic scissors

Irfan Mohamad, Chentilnathan Periasamy, Yahia Dawood
--Arch Orofac Sci, 6(2): 83-85. (PDF)


Post motor vehicle accident with multiple jagged laceration wound

Irfan Mohamad, Puvan Arul Arumugam, Nik Fariza Husna Nik Hassan
--Arch Orofac Sci, 6(2): 86-88. (PDF)


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